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Golden Princess Jewelry we create masterpieces.

"Golden Princess Jewelry" is a handmade jewelry workshop. In our workshop precious products with soul and character are created. All products are made of quality materials and are handmade. Sketches are drawn by our artists, but made by craftsmen. Also we make unique custom jewelry on demand at the request and sketches of the customer. Our masters realize the idea of ​​the customer exactly - and you get a unique piece of jewelry art.

The company "Golden Princess" - only 3 years, but our jewelry with gold of 585 and 750 tests, platinum and silver are bought all over the world. Of these precious metals, we create chic decorations for women and men: rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and chains of original weaving, necklace, etc. 2016 3 years old

For casting, silver and gold are used. In addition, it is possible to decorate a limited series of precious stones, as well as jewelry enamel. You just have to either choose a product from us on the site or come up with a sketch and send it to us. We are always open to dialogue and ready to provide specialized advice.

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